About Me

Jeron Lau is a programmer, composer, trombonist, a junior at Augsburg University, and the founder of The Cala Project, Plop Grizzly, and ScoreFall. Jeron's favorite programming language is Rust, and favorite genre of music is synth-pop.


Fixing Jitter - Timestep Issues


While working on Cala, I noticed something strange about how timesteps are usually handled, and a way to fix an issue with them. A little bit of background first: a timestep (delta time) is how much time passes between each frame in a game or animation. In the early days games didn't handle this correctly. They would develop for whatever computer system was popular at the time and set a fixed delta time.

Open Collaboration

There is this concept of open collaboration, which with the invention of open source software, has entered into other fields. This research aims to find out how students at Augsburg University feel about open collaboration and it's spread into the economy.